Flower vase hair- because you can now become a human ornament

We really thought we’d seen it all when it came to the hair trends of 2018. But it seems there’s still room to squeeze in a few more bizarre styles that are making the rounds on social media before the end of the year- one of them being this: flower vase hair. The weirdest part? We actually kind of like it.

If you still struggle to get your hair into something that resembles a neat pony tail, this one might not be for you. But for Hong Kong-based YouTuber Taylor R, who has the patience, creativity, and the adequate hair volume to make it work, the look went down pretty well, with her Instagram pic of the ‘do going viral and getting more than 43,000 likes (and counting).

Taylor captioned the pic: “Be truly ground breaking this fall.. wear florals 💐 #FlowerVaseHair” but we can’t help wondering whether she really thought her creation would hit the spotlight like it did. However, since then she’s created a full tutorial on her YouTube channel for those who want to copy her look, which has racked up a total of 75,000 views so far, so it looks like this really might be the thing of the season.

In a tutorial video, Taylor places a plastic bottle on top of her head, then gathers her hair around it and ties it up at the top. Then she uses a couple of extra-stretch hair bobbles to create the vase shape, and stuffs the spare hair sticking out of the top of the ponytail into the plastic bottle. After a bit of adjusting, there’s nothing left to do other than stick the bunch of flowers through the top of the water bottle.

Speaking to BBC Three, Taylor says that although it looks like a nightmare to do, the whole style only takes her “about five minutes”.

“The idea came to me when I saw the September Vogue covers (Beyonce and Rihanna), and I wanted to try a fun way to incorporate the floral theme into my look this autumn,” she adds.

Of course, it didn’t take long before a few other people were trying out the look too (with varying levels of success). We particularly loved a Tweet in response to Taylor’s look by user @Ellzababoon, who simply captioned her own rendition of the style: “The world isn't ready for this level of fashion #FlowerVaseHair”. Very Cindy Lou Who. 

But the question is, are we ready for it? Although we probably won’t be trying out this style for a day at work anytime soon, we can’t help thinking it would make a great add-on to a children’s fancy dress costume. Let’s hope someone attempts a creepier version of it on Halloween and shares it for us to see.

Laura Shallcross