How to rock bedhead hair

In an ideal world, we’d all love to have the time, energy and patience to jump out of bed an hour early every morning, and get to work with the straighteners/curlers/whatever other hair styling tools available to us to create a perfectly preened, I’ve-got-my-sh*t-together hairstyle that instantly makes us the envy of everyone we encounter. Unfortunately, it’s 2018, and we’re adults- so gone are the days of having endless time, replaced by the need to find a way to rock that just-woke-up look without looking like… you’ve just woke up.

Luckily, Blake Lively has made it perfectly acceptable- and possible- to rock the bedhead look, after stepping out on the red carpet at Ralph Lauren’s Spring 2019 show in a three piece tuxedo ensemble, along with the bedhead texture of dreams. Her feathery, tousled look might have been the product of a few hours in a salon, but it’s also totally achievable to do yourself, and doesn’t take up anywhere near as much time and effort.

So, how exactly can you do it? First off: we’re not recommending you take this post literally and show up to work without the tiniest bit of styling (although if that’s your thing, then why not?). But if you really want to achieve the look, you can either go for soft, messy waves or a casual, windswept-chic updo.

For the messy waves approach, you can choose to go all-out authentic and braid your hair the night before (just make sure those plaits aren’t too tight- no one wants uncomfortable pulling all night), or if you can’t be bothered the night before, you can achieve virtually the same look by braiding in the morning, pressing with straighteners and unravelling. Don’t be tempted to get the hairbrush out on your locks, unless you’re intentionally going for the humidity-frizz look. Your hair should look a little messy, but purposefully so, not like you slept in and didn’t have time to do more than put your coat on and leave.

For the windswept updo, simply rake your fingers through your hair a few times, tousling up the strands, and tie it back into a casual bobble. You’re not aiming for anything too high, here- it’s all about the slouch. Leave a couple of strands, one either side of your face- you can either leave these how they are, or style them into loose waves. Think Meghan Markle (if you haven’t seen just how well this woman can rock a laid back updo, get Google searching now).

For a bit of extra va-va-voom, you can always treat your hair to a styling product, if time permits. These days you have the choice of everything from styling powders, to sprays, to waxes and putties, to dry shampoos and oils, but we always think a traditional spray works best. Try a root boost spray if your hair could do with a bit more volume, like this one from Trevor Sorbie. Or if you want to add fullness to your tousled look, OGX Moroccan Sea Salt Spray promises to do exactly that.

Blake Lively, we salute you. Now to set our alarm for half an hour later tomorrow… we’ve got this.

Picture credit: Vogue

Laura Shallcross