Our top NYFW hair trends for you to try yourself

It might be starting to feel like every other week is some sort of “fashion week” around the world, but we don’t care: there’s no better procrastination than sitting looking through some of the crazy hairstyles that make it onto the runway. For once, though, we’re shying away from some of the edgier- to put it nicely- trends from New York Fashion Week, to focus on the sorts of hairstyles you can actually do yourself with a bit of patience and time on your hands. Thinking about changing up your look? Read on for inspiration.

Wet ends

Love it or hate it, the deliberate wet-look hair, in this case just the ends, comes in and out of fashion faster than we can keep up with. At the NYFW Calvin Klein runway the Jaws-inspired show meant models walked the runway with wet ends, which you can either interpret as A, a trend, or B, an excuse to leave the house with last night’s coconut oil still in.

We’ve got a whole other blog post on wet look hair, but in short, if you want to try the look out yourself (it makes a great evening ‘do style- Google it if you don’t believe us), simply comb your hair back without a parting, then apply a styling gel with strong hold. Don’t use too much- you’re going for sleek and elegant, not the kid in junior school with the sticky-up Sonic The Hedgehog look. Warm up a dab of gel between your palms then spread it through your hair from the roots to your ears, then gradually apply it to the rest of your hair according to the look you’re going for.

The ‘low’ do

As much as we’re fans of the high bobble, there’s something powerful about the understated low do. As proved on the Dion Lee runway, this season seems to be all about buns- both sleek and pristine, and feathered and messy- tied just above the nape of the neck, no one-hundred bobby pins of hairspray required.

If you fancy giving off sensible vibes, give the polished low bun look a go- simply comb your hair back into a low ponytail at the nape of your neck, divide your ponytail into two equal parts and tie off each one with a small rubber band, then at the bottom of each section, insert a bobby pin vertically, so one prong is inside the hair tie and the other is out. Next, grab both ends of the bobby pin and start rolling your hair away from your face and up towards the back of your head, all the way up to your ponytail, and place the pin in place with a few other bobby pins. Then repeat on the other side- and voila. A low bun with a difference.

Perfect pastels

Apparently, a grand total of 37 models dyed their hair for the Marc Jacobs show, to match the pastel coloured collection showcased on the runway. We know that pastel’s far from a new trend, but according to Marc Jacobs, it won’t be going anywhere for a while (remember Fashion Week was showing off pieces for spring/summer 2019), so we’re more than happy to continue with our pastel hair inspo Pinterest board.

Here’s a word of warning if you want to try pastel out for yourself: leave it to the experts. Unless your hair is naturally super-light or you give it a good bleaching (again, not a recommended DIY), you’re never going to achieve the shades advertised on that hair dye bottle. Your hairdresser can help get you to the exact shade you want, rather than the silver-that-looks-sort-of-blue, or pink-that-kind-of-resembles-orange. Trust us, we’ve seen it all. Get that hairdresser’s trip booked in, expect multiple sessions (Rome wasn’t built in a day, after all), and thank yourself later.   

Laura Shallcross