Hair-cessorising: how and why you should do it this Autumn

The hair accessory: on the whole it’s a thing of the past, from the bow-wearing, headband-flaunting days of primary school. Putting anything in your hair other than a bobble and spritz of hairspray for good luck these days is pretty unlikely. But that’s not to say you shouldn’t do- and with certain hair accessories coming back into trend this autumn, there’s no better time to do some experimenting of your own. Need some inspiration? Read on…

The 90’s style hair clip

Remember when giant hair clips were all the thing? Well, they’re back- for autumn/winter 2018, designers signalled the return of blinged-out hair pins, with runway models at Max Mara, Chanel and Simone Rocha fashion week showing us how it’s done. And, luckily for us, unlike the ten-inch stilettos and thousand-pound handbags, this is one runway look that can easily be created at home.

Hair clips are a great way to transform an otherwise boring hairstyle into something bold and statement. Whether you want to use the clip purposely- to scrape back hair into a bobble for example- or you’re sliding it into one side of your hair for a bold side-profile, giant hair clips are a great attention grabber. Just make sure you’re not overdoing it; one hair clip is all it takes, and you don’t want to risk colour-clashing.

The headscarf

Gone are the days that the headscarf was purely a hippie accessory- designers from Marc Jacobs to Dior have been flaunting their silk on the catwalks, and they’re set to be one of the hottest trends of the season. The high street has plenty of affordable options, ranging from the basic block colours, to the more overstated leopard and aztec prints, so there’s something for everyone.

There are plenty of ways to rock the headscarf, and none of them take too much time to perfect- useful if you’re not a morning person and leave everything until the last minute like us. An easy way to incorporate the headscarf into a hairstyle is to tie it into a bobble. Just gather all your hair at the nape of your neck, leaving out some locks at the front of the face, then secure it in place with a bobble. Then simply tie the scarf around the bobble and leave the ends hanging down with your hair.

Fur headbands

Yep, they’re back for another winter. Just like a puffa jacket, we love a fur headband for the fact that it looks cute as well as keeping you toasty- basically a winter essential when you live in the UK. As with everything, there are multiple options: thin and more understated, or thick enough to cover practically your whole head, long fur, short fur… the trick is to shop around with this one. Find a style and colour that suits you most, and one that won’t clash with your clothes. Black or white is a safe bet, but if you can be more ambitious, by all means go for it!

The fur headband is more limited when it comes to different methods of accessorising, but it’s great in that it adds interest to a simple hair-down day or a high pony tail. If you fancy a change from the usual knitted hat in the colder months, a fur head band is a fashionable alternative.

Laura Shallcross