Using your hair to scare: the best Halloween hair inspo

We love autumn. Cosy jumpers, falling leaves, bonfire night… and more importantly, Halloween. We always take the occasion seriously, which means pumpkin carving, decorating everything in cobwebs, and, of course, finding the show-stopping Halloween costume of the year.

So if you’re like us, and you’re already planning your outfit, why not make the extra effort to do something with your hair this year? We’ve found the best Halloween hair inspiration (thank you, internet), and we’re here to share it with you…

·         Pumpkin patch hair

Let’s start with an easy one. All you need for pumpkin patch hair is… well, hair, along with enough hair bands, spray-on copper hair dye, and some green pipe cleaners.

Start by spritzing your hair with the colour spray, according to the instructions on the bottle. Next, part your hair at the middle and pull it all round to tie as a low side bobble. Grab another hair band and tie it about three-five inches below the top bobble. Now take the hair between the two bobbles and gently tug it so it comes loose and forms a round shape. Then repeat with more hair bands until you reach the bottom. The longer the hair the better, because you’ll be able to fit more “pumpkins” into your pony. Finish off by adding the green pipe cleaners over the hair bands, and you’re good to go.

·         The unicorn’s horn

Because we have to accept that sometimes, you just want to look pretty, and not pretty scary, on Halloween, here’s one for anyone who fancies looking cute this October. The unicorn’s horn looks hard, but it’s actually surprisingly simple, and you don’t need a ton of hair (maybe just a ton of hairspray) to make it work.

To create the horn, take all the middle-section hair and but it into a pony tail at the top front of your head, but only pull the ponytail through halfway to create a loop of hair. Then, wrap your hair around the loop in a cone shape, making the cone pointier by pulling the top of it. Here’s a YouTube tutorial, if you’re confused.

·         Victorian corpse updo

Here’s one for the lazy people: this look is essentially a more planned-out messy hair day. All you need is some sort of hair styling gel or whip, a styling dry shampoo, a hair bobble, and your own imagination.

Prepare by adding volumising gel or whip right through your hair and blow drying. Then grab a styling dry shampoo and spray all over, to add texture and grip. Your next step is to take the hair and divide into three tidy sections, and start backcombing. This should add massive volume to your roots- essential for the finished outcome. Take the hair from the back of your head and make a bun, then smooth over the rest of your hair to cover it, making a wild beehive. Remember, it’s not supposed to look perfect- in fact, if your Halloween look is corpse or zombie, the more dishevelled, the better! Finish off with some dark eyeliner and pale face makeup and you’re good to go.

Laura Shallcross