Champagne in your hair? No, we’re not making it up

We didn’t think anything could get weirder than treating your hair with mayonnaise, but now something even more extra has been trending on Instagram as the next big thing for hair health. We’re talking about champagne. Yes, the stuff your mum usually reserves for Christmas, the stuff you only ever drink at formal work dos and the odd wedding.

We should make this clear first of all: not everybody is claiming champagne has hair benefits. Notably, it’s Instagrammer Madina Shrienzada, who happens to be known for her weird and wonderful beauty hacks, and previously claimed that potato peelings could help reduce the appearance of bags under your eyes, who’s making such claims. She shared a video in which she rinses her hair with champagne, claiming it resulted in noticeable benefits.

In the video, Madina, who has a whopping 291k followers on the app, separates her (admittedly thick and shiny) hair into separate bobbles, before liberally pouring shampoo over her ends. She writes in the caption: “Sooo I TESTED THIS THE 👑OTHER DAY TO SEE IF IT WORKS AND HONESTLY IT GAVE MY HAIR AN EXTRA LITTLE VAMP OF SHINE ❤️ & TAMED SOME FRIZZ I’ll give this 8/10.” (sic.)

The question on everyone’s lips, after, of course, “How could you waste your champagne like that?”, is: “Does this actually work?” Surprisingly, our research leads us to believe there might be some truth into Madina’s claims. According to Allure, alcohol in general is beneficial to hair, as it contains proteins that are great for making your hair look extra shiny. Suddenly, we’re not feeling too bad about all the times we’ve ended up with beer-hair at festivals.

And there’s even a hair-care brand out there, Cuvée Beauty, which blends champagne extracts with plant proteins for healthier hair. The brand was the brainchild of Rachel Katzman, who, after a playful dousing of Champagne on her 21stbirthday, at the end of the evening, realized her hair had in fact never looked or felt better. Rachel spent the next three years researching ways to bottle Champagne as a hair treatment, and eventually, Cuvée Beauty was formed.

So what exactly does champagne do to your hair? Unfortunately, it won’t get rid of your split ends- but it will protect against harsh sun rays that break down proteins and damage hair.

We have to admit, this doesn’t have us rushing to the nearest wine cupboard to try out this DIY remedy ourselves. We would advise that if you want to see how your hair can benefit from champagne, you buy champagne infused products such as the Cuvée Beauty ones, rather than wasting good money (and a perfectly good drink) on your experiment.


Laura Shallcross