Everything you need to know about “wet-look hair”

Remember a couple of years ago, when models and celebrities alike were photographed with slicked-back, wet-looking hair that gave them that “just stepped out of the shower” appearance? Well, it seems it hasn’t run its course yet, with actress and model Shay Mitchell being the latest celebrity to rock the look for her new Lifetime show ‘You’. Despite looking achievable (you just wash your hair, right?) you’d be surprised at how much work actually goes into this hairstyle, and we’re here to spill…

Want to give the look a go yourself? The wet-hair look is amenable to any hair, so don’t worry about whether it will suit you- it’s worth just giving it a go. You’d be wrong to think it’s created by water, though, despite how it looks. Water may make hair look wet, but the effect is only temporary. If you have straight hair and you’re going to style your hair from wet, here’s what to do:

·         Start with damp (not super-wet) hair. If you can’t be bothered to shower and wait for the drying process, take a spray bottle full of water and mist your locks until they're damp all over.

·         Next, either use a conditioning mousse, or a soft gel, and work the product into your hair from roots to tip.

·         Finger-comb the product through your hair and scrunch it slightly, and then leave your hair to set for ten minutes or so. When the product dries, you should be left with a high shine, wet look all over.

·         Spray with hairspray for extra support and you’re good to go!

If your hair is curly, the tip is to not use a gel, as the water in most gels will take straightened hairs right back to their curly state. Instead, use wax- use enough of it to completely wet the hair and then scrunch the strands slightly into light waves.

So, now you know how to use it, how about some product recommendations? If you’re a fan of the well-known brands, it might interest you to know that L’Oréal have a new range of wet-look products called Wet Domination, including “Extreme Splash” and “Shower Shine”. But if you’re after something less specific, there are plenty of hair gels and waxes to choose from that will do the trick.

Unfortunately, no matter what your texture, your wet-hair look won’t last more than a day. So if you’ve got a date in mind where looking sleek is at the top of your priorities, remember that you can’t just sort your ‘do the day before- and imagine the state of your pillows if you tried to sleep on it! The wet look might not be for everyone, but if you’re uncertain, give it a go. You might just be surprised with the outcome.  

Picture credit: Her Campus

Laura Shallcross