Why going natural will do wonders to your hair

We get it: everyone loves making their hair look good. What would be the point in having it, otherwise? Whether you're a serial straightner, a lover of the curling iron, or can't live without your hairdryer, it's all too tempting to use heat to mould your hair into whichever style you think is the perfect outcome. And even if you don't plan to use heat products regularly, it can be all too tempting to do so when your morning bedhead is proving all too hard to tame. But what about if you gave your hair a break from the heat? What would happen, other than the obvious? Here's what to know:

  1. Your hair health will massively improve
    If you refrain from using heat products regularly, your hair will be stronger and more durable, meaning it will look healthier and grow faster. Too much heat can make your hair feel knotty and brittle to touch, because it removes water that is bound to the hair, which is called water of hydration. The protective keratin layer of hair degrades, the nutrients are lost, and virtually every hair becomes rough and gets split ends. Just a couple of weeks of not using heat on your hair should improve its quality, and if you're really dedicated, you should get your ends trimmed and watch how much faster it grows when you're not using heat on it. 
  2. You can spend longer in bed
    Let's take a moment to talk about just. How. Long. It. Takes to perfect hair with a heat product. And who's got time for all that hair maintenance when you could be spending it doing other, more important things (i.e. sleeping?). That hour-long curling session can be spent far more wisely, trust us. You'll be doing yourself and your busy schedule a favour more than anything else by cutting it out.
  3. Your confidence in your natural hair will (eventually) return.
    You can get all too used to seeing your hair in its straightened/curled/blowdried form as 'perfect', rendering any other texture or appearence boring, or even ugly. It's worth remembering that actually, perfect hair looks different for everyone- you might spend ages every morning straightening your hair, while someone else thinks their straight hair is visually unappealing, and goes out of their way to give it a bit more bounce and volume. The point? Embracing your hair in its natural style is easier than you think. Even better, if you don't show off your natural hair a lot, you'll probably get loads of compliments when you do. Go on, try it. We dare you.

Obviously, natural hair isn't for everyone, and it's always fun to style it every now and then. But if you can try and cut it out from your daily routine- maybe make it an every-other-day thing to begin with, before going down even more- you'll notice that your hair will love you for it.If you do regularly use heat on your hair, make sure you're using heat protectant products at the same time, to reduce damage to your hair. There are plenty of products out there, but if you're unsure what to use, ask your hairdresser. They have the knowledge of all the best and latest hair styling products, so you're best following their advice if you're a lover of heat on your hair. 

Laura Shallcross