Iced coffee hair is the new colour of the season, and here's how to achieve it

It's been a long, hot summer (not that we're complaining), and we've drank a lot of cold beverages, including, of course, the humble iced coffee. You might be the same- in which case, you're a lot more used to seeing it go into your mouth through your straw than you are in people's hair. But it turns out you might just start seeing the latter... well, not people with literal coffee in their hair, that would be weird- but people with iced coffee coloured hair, as it's been dubbed as the new colour trend of the season.  

This most recent hair-colour craze originated, where all good things arguably do, in America, and has been sweeping New York and L.A., according to Refinery 29. Coffee hair- warm, brown tones with a hint of cocoa- was first brought to our attention by Pop Sugar, when the Instagram account @behindthechair_com shared a picture of @hairby_kimberlyy‘s client. It’s a rich, toffee-coloured shade that screams autumn. 

If you're keen to jump on the trend before your friends, your best chances of achieving the look are to visit a hairdresser (not, unfortunately, doing a DIY at-home dye, which, let's face it, could produce disastrous results). An NYC hairstylist, who claims she was the inventor of the cold coffee colour, explained to Refinery 29 exactly how to achieve the look at a hairdresser's:

  • The key is to ask your stylist to ribbon rich highlights and lowlights through your hair for dimension. 
  • Golden and neutral tones need to be swirled down the hair for the cold coffee effect-just like when you pour a little bit of milk into your coffee, for the sweet-toothed of us. 

Just like your coffee, you can customise the trend to suit your preferences. So, if you prefer, you can go darker with richer tones for a more classic look. Or you could up the milk factor and go lighter and warmer in certain areas. You could even add a dash of caramel highlights- syrup, anyone? It really is up to you.

The coffee colour seems to work best on long, layered hair, and we'd suggest that unless you're prepared for lots of work to be done (and money to be spent), that you only take your idea to the hairdressers if your hair is light-medium brunette or dark blonde already. Unless you really want the colour, of course, or if you're after more of a black coffee look, in which case we say just go for it. 

Image credit: Salon Magazine

Laura Shallcross