Finally, the truth on how much it really costs to go blonde

Without much read-up on it beforehand, it’s fair to say that a lot of us might assume that the salon hair dye process is a simple, one-stage process. And so, therefore, it’s a low-cost thing, right? Wrong. Unfortunately, leaving your hair dye job in the hands of professionals (which is highly recommended, by the way) means paying good, deserved money for good results that are worth every penny- especially if you’re going blonde.  

We won’t even start on the potential disastrous results of a DIY hair bleach, but let’s just say, you’re best sticking to the hairdressers if you’re planning on walking out with the colour you’d intended on getting. And Connecticut-based hairstylist Gina Bianca's honest Instagram posts about hair transformations are proving exactly why it’s worth spending that extra cash.

On a post from her account the_hair_doctor, which features the before and after photos of a dramatic hair dye dark-to-light transformation, along with the total cost of the work, $608, she writes: “LETS👏🏼BREAK👏🏼IT👏🏼DOWN.

“Here’s another angle of the breakdown that started the price break down revolution. I got so much heat for this since it was something new that not many stylists feel comfortable sharing. It’s awkward to talk about money. It’s awkward to explain to a customer why you’re worth paying for. It’s awkward to stand up for yourself when you truly just want to make everyone happy. It’s awkward to defend the profession you’ve chosen. Nobody should have to do that.”

She continues, “My goal for posting breakdowns was to simply shed light on the process. People sometimes look at being a hairstylist as a part time gig, a job to fall back on or even worse, not a real “career”. I am a full blown example that if you EDUCATE YOUR SELF, TAKE PRIDE IN YOUR WORK, AND RESPECT AND LOVE YOUR GUESTS - you will build a clientele of fabulous people who love and respect you and will be happy to pay your prices.”

She then breaks down the cost that this particular hair transformation had involved, writing: "Full highlight: $180, Extra bowls: $100, Gloss: $40, Extra bowls: $40, Smudge: $60, Treatment: $65, Haircut: $78, Curls: $45, Bond builder: Free (the only discount I think is acceptable here because it takes no time), Total: $608, five hours of work at $120 an hour."

Although initially the cost may startle you, Gina’s breakdowns make it easier to understand how and why each service cost what it did. Whereas with a packet hair dye, you’re paying for the (often cheaply batch-made) dye itself and a pair of flimsy gloves, at the hairdressers, you’re paying for the full professional service. In hindsight, the amazing final results seem completely worth the hairdresser’s efforts.

It’s also important to remember that the process of going dark to blonde is often a lot lengthier than the other way round. If you want your hair to look healthy, shiny, and a good quality colour, it’s going to take a few more sessions to perfect- and when the hours rack up, so does the cost. We like that Gina has taken the time to point out just why a good hair dye job costs what it does, and hopefully this clears things up for a few people who might have been curious to know themselves.

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Laura Shallcross