Our top Paris Fashion Week hair trends for you to try yourself

We’ve had New York Fashion Week, and all the hair trends that came with it (wet-look hair, the ‘low-do’, pastels, to name a few), so it was only right that we took a look at the Paris runways to see how trends differed for the coming season. Of course, some designers went all-out with their model’s looks, but we’re focusing on the ones you can re-create yourself, if you’re feeling so inclined. Read on to find out exactly what’s in store…

Glitter hair

Save this one for the nights out! The models on the Giambattista Valli runway each exhibited a natural texture with a bedhead twist, but some girls’ hair was also covered with colourful glitter from mid-lengths to ends, which made for an otherworldly ombré effect. The look was down to hair pro Paul Hanlon, who misted custom-mixed shimmering colour sprays in bright pastels on the hair, then dipped into coordinated loose glitter pigment pots, brushing the gleaming flecks on top to amp up the drama of each glowing mane.

Don’t have time for all of that? You can buy hair glitter in spray-on form from the good old internet- just Google search “hair glitter” and there are plenty of affordable options. Just don’t expect to not find glitter in all sorts of places weeks after your application.

Posh beach waves

Chanel’s models all sported posh girl beach waves on the runway, staying appropriate to the show’s theme- the runway in itself was a man-made beach. The look, which was the work of stylist Sam McKnight, involved half-tying the hair up and securing it with ribbons and a Chanel clasp.

Can’t afford the Chanel clasp? Don’t worry- us neither. But you can still recreate the look by lightly curling hair, and then applying a texturising mist that for an effortlessly sexy, slightly dishevelled finish, followed by securing hair with your own hair clip (hint: vintage clips are very in at the moment).

Wet-look hair

Sorry guys, it’s well and truly back. If you’re not a fan of wet-look hair, stop reading now, because it featured heavily in Alexander McQueen’s runway show. Models were seen with shellacked wet-look strands, as, incidentally, they did in last year’s show. The work of backstage pro Guido Palau, the models’ hair was slicked back, and braided tightly into ultra-glossy twin plaits with a wisp of hair framing each side of the face.

To achieve the look yourself, start by dividing the hair into two sections with a centre parting, before applying a generous amount of hair gel (for the wet effect), making sure to distribute it through the lengths and ends if you want the whole head to rock the look. Next simply tightly weave each section of hair into a braid beginning at the nape of the neck- and you can be totally inventive with the type of plait you go for.

Image credit: Vogue

Laura Shallcross