Hair bands, peach cobbler, safety pins... the latest spring 2019 hair trends

The summer season is fast emerging, we've hit July already- it's time to assess the latest spring/summer hair trends the internet has to offer. From nineties hair bands, to peach cobbler hair, to a safety pin parting, it's certainly another interesting one.

Throwback hair bands

Have you noticed how many blasts from the pasts are reappearing this year? We've had vintage hair clips, scrunchies, and claw clips- and fast to join them this summer is the neat straight hair band of the nineties.

This season, we've seen celebrities and influencers alike using hair bands of all colours, textures and thicknesses to push hair away from the face, like we used to do in PE. It's great to see something that was renown for being both practical and stylish making a comeback.

Peach cobbler hair

We always enjoy the inventive names of hair colour trends, and we're not disappointed by the newest one to grace our Instagram feeds: peach cobbler hair. We've seen similar colours trending in autumn, but peach cobbler hair is a lighter, blonde colour infused with peach tones (hence the name).

The term was first coined by American hairstylist Chad Kenyon, who said in an Allure interview that he "painted a soft shadow-root, lowlights, and a global-gloss (all over) with varying nutmeg-infused peach tones" and "vanilla bean ice-creamy blonde dimension throughout her hair by balayaging and strobing."

Peach cobbler hair works perfectly for summer because of its warm tones, and legitimately does remind us of the sweet summer dessert. The colour would work well on those with natural blonde or light brown hair, and especially on natural redheads. Shades vary, but we particularly love the one in the image featured above, created by Helsinki hairstylist @hairbylindal.

Safety pin parting

As far as hair accessories go, we've seen some pretty unique ones over our time, but we wouldn't expect anything from our stationary drawer to make it onto the list. However, we've been proven wrong by the latest summer hair trend, set by American model Yara Shahidi, who posed with a braided middle parting adorned with safety pins.

The style was the work of Yara's hairstylist Nikki Nelms, who has made a bit of a name for herself using craft store materials in her celebrity clients' hair. She arranged the safety pins in a criss-cross pattern along Yara's parting, from front to back, where the rest of her hair was pulled into a neat low bun.


If you're from certain parts of the UK, you might think "lob" refers to throwing something very hard (just us? Okay). In this instance, a lob is simply an easier way of saying 'long bob'- a hairstyle that's made its way back onto the runways this spring/summer season.

Lobs have been around for ages, but there are always ways to freshen them up and make them unique to a new season. Lobs look particularly good with a Balayage effect hair colour, and are equally as effective with sharp, bold tones.

Championed by celebrities like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Olivia Munn, the 2019 lob isn't set to go anywhere soon. It's ideal for if you fancy a new look without subjecting your hair to a substantial chop (a decision you may regret later). A good lob will skim your collarbones, and should be slightly longer at the front, with a heavier appearance at the back.

In summary

In all, it's set to be another busy season for hair trends. With shorter styles and warm tones gaining their usual summery popularity, we're not surprised that lobs and peachy shades are proving so favourable at the moment.

The same goes for throwback headbands- the practicality of being able to scrape back your hair on a hot summer's day makes them a trend worth jumping on. As for the safety pin hair, as artistic as it is, we think we'll give that a miss. But it will be interesting to see if the trend takes off and results in specifically designed safety pin hair accessories making it to the high street stores.

Laura Shallcross