3 myths about hair that you need to stop believing

When it comes to hair myths, we’ve heard them all. Worrying makes your hair fall out. Eating your bread crusts makes hair curly. Brushing your hair 100 times a day will make it thicker. Chances are, at least one of these is familiar to you.

We’ve talked about a fair few of them on our blog before, but today we thought we’d focus on a specific few hair salon-related myths, considering this is what we hear the most of. Here’s what crops up again and again when it comes to the mysterious art of hairdressing…

1.       It is possible to go from dark to light in one hairdressing session

Okay, let’s clear this one up. Yes, it is technically possible to go from dark to light in one straight session, but not only will this cause massive stress and damage to your hair, you’ll likely be left with shoddy results.

Most hairdressers will refuse to dye your hair from one colour extreme to another in one sitting for the simple reason that the outcome won’t be up to standard, and nobody wants their name to be attached to a bad job- it’s not good for the reputation.

The reason why dark hair cannot take such an extreme colour change is because its colour pigments require bleach to lighten them. The bleach must eat through all the pigments in the hair in order to lighten the hair, which is no simple task. For hair to take on the desired colour, without ruining the hair with an overload of bleach, you can expect several sessions to the hair salon for a gradual lightening process.  

2.       Regular haircuts make your hair grow faster

We’ve all been told by our mums at one point during childhood that our frequent visits to the hairdressers are helping our hair to grow longer. Unfortunately, there is little truth to this myth. Getting your hair regularly trimmed removes the split, broken ends from hair, giving it an overall healthier appearance. Unfortunately, though, a lack of split ends won’t do anything to speed up hair growth.

If you want to grow your hair, the best thing to do is treat it well. Try not to use too much heat product on your hair, and always use protection if you do. Hair masks and oils are also a great way to keep hair healthy and promote growth at the roots.

That’s not to say that if you’re trying to grow your hair you should completely abandon your hairdressers, though. It is always completely obvious when somebody has attempted to grow their hair without the aid of a regular trim.

Unless you’re into the split ends look, it’s advised that you still make it a routine to get a trim every now and then. If you’re worried about getting too much cut off, simply explain to your hairdresser that you’re trying to grow your hair, and could they please only take off an inch or two- they will be more than happy to take your requirements on board.

3.       Getting your hair coloured will ruin it

How many times have you heard someone say, “My hair is completely ruined because I’ve dyed it so much recently,” or something along those lines? Funnily enough, the idea that hair dye ruins your hair isn’t technically correct. Yes, copious amounts of the stuff definitely isn’t going to do your hair any good, but going for regular root touch-ups at your local salon isn’t going to cause irreparable destruction to your locks, we promise.

It is true that bleach, which is used to lighten hair, will dry your hair slightly. However, no matter what colour you’re going for, the true state of your hair comes down to how you choose to treat it between dye jobs.

Exposing your hair to the sun or pool water, washing it with cheap products, or using heat appliances are all ways that will contribute to the damage of dyed hair. Try to cut down on doing the above and focus on hydrating and nourishing your hair with a good diet, and products like hair masks and hair oils. That way your hair will stay at its healthiest, dyed or not.

Laura Shallcross