New Year, new hair- the first emerging colour trends of 2019

For many of us, the New Year calls for a new start of sorts- whether that be a new job, the setting of health and fitness goals, or an image overhaul. If you’re considering a hair-related change for 2019, you’ll be pleased to know that there are plenty of emerging colour trends spreading round the internet, and they’re all suitably new- we’re not talking your average-Joe colours here.

Gone are the days of hair colour being divided into four very boring, conventional tones: blonde, brunette, black and grey. Now, thanks to a greater understanding of all things shade-based in the hair and beauty industry, and a general increase in creativity and enterprise when it comes to hair colour, there are thousands of shades to choose from. Including those mentioned below, which have gained a particular popularity this New Year...

Snow Hair

What’s that saying? “If Kylie Jenner rocks it, it must be a trend.” Okay, so we just made that up, but you get the point. Anything Kylie Jenner does immediately trends across all social media platforms, and suddenly it is the Next Big Thing. The usual happened when Kylie dyed her hair platinum for Christmas, although technically, this trend was already beginning to emerge on Instagram in early December.

Snow Hair, as it’s been deemed online, has a distinct absence of yellow, and is completely cool in tone, enabling you to blend in perfectly with wintry weather. As expected, it’s a difficult shade to achieve: if your natural shade is anything darker than blonde, it may take five to ten appointments.

Mushroom Blonde Hair

It seems it’s all about the lighter shades this January, as another growing hair trend across social media platforms is Mushroom Blonde, a shade coined by Maryland-based stylist Yokasta Perez on Instagram.

Just like, well, a mushroom, the shade is not quite blond, but not quite brown, making it a great shade for loyal blondes who only want to dip their toes into anything remotely brunette. Benefits include easier colour maintenance, less obvious root-showing, and an overall natural appearance.

Negative Space Hair

We thought we’d slip Negative Space Hair in at the end, as technically, it’s nothing of a new trend, and technically, it’s not a particular shade. But it is gaining more recognition in 2019, and rightly so, because having a good understanding of what it actually means could provide inspiration for your next hair appointment.

The Negative Space balayage is created by technique: leaving pinches of strands free of lighter colour to create an almost 3D, multidimensional effect, as opposed to the flatness often created by original highlighting techniques. If it’s done right, it’s a great way to allow hair colour to really pop (and not just make you look like you need your roots done). See the Insta-work of jackhowardcolor for inspo.


Laura Shallcross