The easiest hair hacks you need to know

It’s getting to the end of summer. You’ve spent all your savings on that holiday to Malaga, and you’re back to wearing last year’s Christmas jumpers already. The last thing you can think about is buying all the new A/W products that promise to be the next best thing for your hair. But do you really have to? We’ve put together a list of hair hacks that cost next-to-nothing, and might be the answer to what your hair needs now it’s getting colder- without you having to blow the bank…

Sleep on a silk or satin pillow

If you’re sick of waking up to a head full of hair-frizz, switch your cotton pillow case for a silk or satin one- chances are, you already have one in a cupboard somewhere, without realising its night time benefits to your hair. Whilst cotton pillowcases create friction between your hair and the surface of the pillow, which can lead to hair breakage, satin pillowcases are very smooth, which means your hair won’t get tangled up while sleeping on them.

Forget about the curler- it’s all about braiding

This is an old hack that most of us probably haven’t considered since childhood. Simply plaiting your hair in multiple braids before you go to bed means that when you wake up and unravel the strands the next day, you’re going to be left with a head full of bouncy, heat-free curls. Not only are you saving spending unnecessary money on a curling iron, you’re doing your hair good by avoiding the heat, too. Just make sure you don’t tie the braids too tight- that would make for an uncomfortable night’s sleep and wouldn’t be the best for your hair, either.

Keep bobby pins in place with hairspray

Fed up of losing all your bobby pins and having to buy more? If you can get into the habit of spritzing them with hairspray before sliding them into your hair, that will be a thing of the past. With a bit of hair spray, a bobby pin should stay in place all day, meaning less hair-patting and re-adjusting for you, and a bobby pin collection that lasts longer than a couple of weeks.

Dry your hair with microfiber towels

Regular terrycloth towels do more damage to your hair than it’s worth, so if you usually scrub your hair from wet to damp with one of those, it’s time to switch up to a microfiber towel. Not only do they absorb excess moisture faster than a towel, but they also reduce blow-drying time and are much kinder on your hair in general.

Tame frizz with a toothbrush and hairspray

Who needs the latest frizz-taming product when you can DIY it on the cheap? Simply grab a toothbrush (a spare one, obviously) and a can of hairspray. Spray the toothbrush and run it over your flyaway strands, flattening down. The hairspray should hold them in place for a few hours at least. Warning: make sure you don’t spray too much hairspray onto the toothbrush! No one likes the feeling of dry-snap hair.

Laura Shallcross