The Christmas tree hair trend is back- and it’s better than ever!

Ah, Christmas. If there is any excuse to showcase our general festivity and love for the winter season, we’re going to do it. And that’s why we love Christmas tree hair so much- because why would you limit your tree to sitting immobile in your living room when you could carry it round with you on your head?

For anyone who has been living under a rock and has somehow missed the yearly viral sensation, Christmas tree hair is basically how it sounds- using enviable creativity skills, women across the world mould their hair into a Christmas tree shape, and accessorise accordingly (think baubles, tinsel, and sometimes even green spray-one dye and actual lights).

Of course, the ultimate aim is usually to take a photo, post it to social media and watch it go viral (although kudos to you if you actually wear your hair like this in public). With December in full swing, it’s no surprise that on Instagram, the hashtag #christmastreehair has currently racked up an impressive 2,669 posts and counting. Because even if you don’t fancy rocking the look yourself, you’re still interested, right?

We have always loved the festivity of the Christmas tree hair trend from afar, but now we’re extra curious. How exactly does one shape the hair to look like a fir tree? And what about the logistics of accessorising? When string lights are involved, where are the batteries hidden? And, most importantly, how long does the ‘do last for?

Unfortunately, some of our questions are likely set to remain unanswered forever. But after discovering a Christmas tree hair tutorial on The General Beauty Bible (sorry, Instagram), at least the mystery of the actual hair styling has been answered.

The video, posted by @teamvanillarooms, is simply captioned “check out our 2018 Christmas tree”, and reveals the mystery behind the tree-shaped hair- the hair is moulded around what looks suspiciously like on of those cone-shaped party hats we all wore at someone’s birthday as a kid. Interestingly, the tinsel is added first, then the hair, then more tinsel, so it works in bits. Unsurprisingly to anyone, a lot of hairspray is used in the process.

By the end of the video, all of the model’s hair has been wrapped around the tree, and the finishing touch is added- a silver star and a handful of baubles. We must admit, we have seen people be more inventive with the decoration- but this look in itself looks difficult to maintain, let alone with an additional wrap-around string of lights and coloured spray to worry about.

So, our question to you is: would you rock this look? Or do you think it’s a bit OTT, even for Christmas? Personally, we think we’ll stay away from the look, simply because we couldn’t cope with pulling all the baubles out and untying the inevitable hairspray-based knots at the end of the work’s Christmas party, or wherever it is people actually showcase such a flamboyant look. However, if you do choose to go for it, good on you! Be sure to show us your pictures- we’d love to see them.


Laura Shallcross