3 novelty Christmas hairstyles that AREN’T impossible

Novelty Christmas hair is always quite a big deal each December, and we can see why. A couple of weeks back, we posted about Christmas tree hair, the yearly trend that sees women all over the internet styling their hair into a literal Christmas tree (baubles and tinsel included), and we didn’t think it could get much better than this. But it turns out there are all sorts of novelty Christmas ‘dos out there, and it’s impossible to pick a favourite.

Whether you’ve got a Christmas party to impress at, or you want to win some parent-points with your appropriate-hair-lengthed children for such an endeavour, we’ve made it our #ChristmasMission to source out some of these most creative of hairstyles, and find out how exactly you can achieve such festive looks. From Christmas puddings to halo wreaths, we promise you’ll be entertained. Not only that, but these hairstyles are super-easy to achieve, and manageable for even the least creative of us- we promise.

1.       The Pudding Bun

You need:

-          Hair donut

-          Thin, white felt

-          Sprig of holly & berries (ideally fake, unless you’re feeling really fancy)

-          Strong glue

Girls across the world, listen up: it’s time to get out your long-forgotten donut (nope, not the food kind), for its first use since your seven-year-old ballet days. To achieve the pudding bun look, simply scrape your hair back into a smooth pony, then wrap hair around the donut, as per your usual donut-bun hair styling. Make sure the bun is high up on top of your head, almost sitting on top of it, so the pudding itself can be seen in all its glory.

Next, the fun part: cut your white felt into a circular blob with wavy edges, making it just big enough to sit on top of your bun. Make a tiny holes around the outside, so you can stick hairpins through and attach the “cream” layer on top of your bun. Finally, stick the sprig of holly and berries in the pudding’s centre with the strong glue (avoid hair! Repeat: avoid hair!) and voila! You’re good to go.

2.       The Rudolph Bun

You need:

-          Hair donut

-          Big, red pom-pom

-          Big goggly eyes

-          Brown pipe cleaners, formed into reindeer antlers.

Here’s a different take on the pudding bun: repeat the steps in the first paragraph above, but replace the white felt for sticky reindeer eyes on the top half of your bun. In the centre of the bun, stick the red pom-pom (you may need the help of hairpins if you don’t think it will stay), and attach your pipe cleaner antlers to the very top of the bun. A cute look for your children- or yourself, if you’re an admitted child at heart.

3.       The Halo Wreath

You need:

-          Plenty of hairpins

-          Sprigs of holly and berries (again, fake is best- EBay and Amazon sell them)

-          The patience of a saint

Watch out, this one’s a step up from the other two. To attempt the halo wreath hair, you have to first master plaiting your hair into a Dutch halo braid- you know, the one that makes a full circle around your head, halo-style. If you’re unsure where to begin, we’ve found a fab tutorial, including video, on the Schwarzkopf StyleStudio.

Once you’ve mastered the braid (and hopefully not given in!), all that’s left to do is add your sprigs of holly and berries, hairpinning them in for extra safety. We sort of wish it was acceptable to rock this look all the time, it’s so pretty.

Picture credit: Kidspot

Laura Shallcross