The 2019 hair colour trends- revealed

It might seem a long way away yet, but the reality is, 2019 is nearly upon us (it is just over a month away, in fact!). Before you know it, we’ll be making- and breaking- our New Year’s resolutions, preparing for a new start, and, if you’re anything like us, getting excited for the fashion trends the year will bring.

Luckily for us, there is already prediction aplenty amongst the experts about the hair colours that are set to be big in the New Year, as reported by Cosmopolitan. According to the online mag, the rose-gold highlights, deep reds, and icy platinum shades will soon be replaced by a whole new line-up, including:

·         Ash grey

Remember the silver obsession of 2018? Well, ash grey is similar, but without the icy tones. It is softer than silver hair, and starts darker at the roots, finishing with a light grey towards the ends. The colour can’t be achieved without bleaching, and the process shouldn’t be taken lightly, so it’s best you take this job to your hairdressers, should you be interested in it yourself. It also requires a fairly demanding upkeep, so if you fancy going grey any time soon, make sure you’re ready to take on the responsibility!

·         Inky black

Unnaturally black hair has had some stick for a while now for being, well, unnatural. However, we think there is a way to make black hair work for virtually everyone- although obviously your exact chosen shade should depend on factors such as skin tone, so that your hair doesn’t end up standing  out for all the wrong reasons. There’s nothing gothic about inky black- instead, think shine. The higher the shine, the better, with this shade. As inky black is one of the most daring shades out there in terms of upkeep, make sure you are prepared for the commitment that comes with maintaining the colour (think sulfate-free shampoos and plenty of hydrating hair masks) in between root touch-ups.

·         Pastel pink

Let’s face it, pastel pink never fully goes out of trend, ever. We think it’s gone, and then a celeb is spotted with newly-dyed pink locks, and it’s back to stay again. The pastel hair trend in general moves with the seasons in the same way that fashion does- and if the runway of the Marc Jacobs Spring 2019 show was anything to go by, it’s set to be another big year for the soft colour tones. As with ash grey, to achieve a light pastel pink will require bleaching, and your hairdresser can help you to achieve the desired colour. Believe it or not, there are multiple shades of pastel pink, ranging from the lighter tones, to the deeper, sharper tones.

·         Strawberry honey

We love it when a shade combination hits it off, and this is apparently the case with the set-to-be-massive strawberry honey colour that has recently picked up traction in the hair industry. A perfect middle ground between golden blonde and vibrant copper, strawberry honey brings out warm tones of gold and pink, with darker underlayers. It’s a long way away yet, but we can’t help thinking this creamy shade is a perfect summer colour.

Are you tempted to try out a 2019 trending colour ahead of time? Book in to see us if you’d like to chat about your ideas!

Image and information credit:

Laura Shallcross