Red wine hair-the new colour perfect for autumn

A new season is well and truly upon us, and what better time to switch up your look to something more autumn appropriate? As always, this time of the year, the reds, purples and oranges of the season prove popular in the hairdresser’s. And one shade of burgundy in particular is cropping up on our Instagram feeds again and again: a so-called “red wine” shade.

A particular viral post by @beautylaunchpad shows hair of an admittedly very realistic red-wine shade- with tones of deep purple and berry to create the autumnal colour, which they call “Cabernet Sauvignon”. The post has rightly racked up over one thousand likes, and we’re sure it’s inspired hairdressers and clients alike to give the colour a go.

There are plenty more examples to go off on Instagram; it’s worth checking out the #autumnhair, #berryhair and #redwinehair hashtags for pages and pages full of inspiration.

Want to rock the red wine hair look yourself? Anyone can make the colour work, and you can easily customize it to suit your skin tone- a brighter berry tone flatters fairer skin, while a dark merlot looks great on darker complexions.

What about original hair colour? The burgundy shade has red and violet undertones that blend perfectly onto a brunette base- although your hair might have to be lightened before the colour can be added, depending on the particular shade you’re going for (it’s all very technical). Be prepared for multiple sessions, or one long sitting, if you want the look to be at its best. It can take a lot of work to layer and mix several shades for the desired result.

Another idea for the red wine hair is to ombre effect it- because who doesn’t love a good ombre? Simply ask your hairdresser to keep your roots dark and gradually fade into the red and burgundy tones on the way down towards your tips.

Speaking of red wine… it turns out the real stuff (not just the colour) is actually proven to be effective against baldness and hair loss, as it contains Resveratrol, an ingredient that neutralises free radicals, which are believed to cause aging. More reason for that occasional after-dinner tipple, then?

Red wine is also a great hair treatment, if you fancy wasting one of your bottles on a rinse. Regularly rinsing your hair in red wine is said to protect against the radiation of the ultraviolet light from the sun, as well as fight dandruff, rejuvenate damaged hair, act as an excellent conditioner, strengthen hair, promote shine, fight free radicals and prevent ageing. Whoever said wine was bad for you?!

Laura Shallcross