Our top styles for shorter hair

The seasons are changing, and with it, you might also decide you want to switch things up in the looks department. If you’ve gone for the chop, good for you! It can be daunting cutting your hair shorter, although in many cases, having a shorter style actually looks neater, edgier, and is easier to maintain. And with La La Land and Easy A star Emma Stone recently having her hair cut into an effortless long bob, we can see a trend coming.

That said, you might be missing your long hair, just for the fact that it gave you a bit more freedom to experiment with various styles. If you’re fed up of doing the same thing with your shorter hair on the daily, we’ve made a list of easy-to-master styles to help liven up your shorter ‘do over the season.

The half-hair top knot

If you’re not sure whether you’re feeling tying your hair back or not, why not do it half and half with the half-hair top knot? Simply brush back the top middle section of your hair, making sure there is even hair left over on either side and at the back, and fasten in place with a bobble, wrapping around to make an easy bun.


Good news: fashion show runways tell us that hair accessories are back in this autumn- and we’re not talking the tacky things you wore in high school, either. Buy yourself a head scarf from any of the high street stores and use it to push back the hair from your face, or experiment with vintage hair clips and brooches.

The plaited half-crown

A little more difficult, but still achievable: start by parting your hair to the side (right or left, whichever it falls most naturally). Then take hair from the side of the parting, at the very front, just above the forehead, and plait backwards and around over your ear, adding hair as you go. Make sure there is still hair below your plait; you’re not trying to use it all. Then secure your plait at the back of your head with a bit of hairspray and some hair grips.

Up the volume

Not every hair style needs more than a bit of mousse, and this is one of that doesn’t. If you’re hair’s naturally quite thin and limp, add volume by blow-drying upside down and adding some mousse to the roots. Once it’s dry, spritz with hairspray and you’re good to go.

Slicked back

It’s not a look for everyone, but shorter hair looks great slicked back from your forehead with some hair gel or wax. Simply apply a penny-sized amount to your roots and work backwards until your hair is evenly coated.


Simply plait your hair and sleep on it (make sure the plaits aren’t too tight). Take out the bobbles the next morning, give your hair a quick finger run-through and voila! Look complete.

Laura Shallcross