Halloween hair inspiration- take two

It’s getting nearer and nearer to Halloween- aka one of the only good things about autumn- and our excitement is mounting. So we thought it was only right to go back into the (often appropriately scary) Internet world and get researching into more Halloween hair ideas that will actually make you look nice, in case you weren’t already feeling inspired enough by out last post earlier in September. Without further ado, here are the best spooky hair ideas we’ve found to impress your mates at that Halloween party.

1.       The pumpkin head

Remember our pumpkin hair from our previous post? This is the toned down, far easier version (because we’ve got your back, anyone who doesn’t want to spend three hours on hair prep). To create the pumpkin head, you simply need a spray-on wash-off orange hair colourant, a bobble that you don’t feel a particular amount of affection for, some craft bits, and your imagination.

Start by spraying your hair with the colourant, then tie it in a top knot on the top of your head, pulling at the strands until the bun is as much a “perfect” circle shape as you can make it. Secure in place with hair spray (if this can be used alongside your hair colourant), then get creative with some black card: craft eyes, a nose, and a creepy smile, just big enough to fit on your pumpkin bun, and cut them out. Sick them to your bun using hairspray, gel, or something appropriately, but safely, sticky. This might not be the sort of look that will last a night of partying, but will look totally cool on a quieter evening of horror films and Halloween snacks.

2.       The hair cat ears

Because come on, we’ve all wanted to succumb to the stereotype and dress up as a cat for Halloween. If you want to incorporate your hair into your outfit, it’s actually really easy- you just need a pair of cheap cat ears (any will do- eBay has options aplenty), and enough hair to make the look work.

Once you’re appropriately attired in a cat costume, you’re free to do whatever you want with your hair for the most part (although we think curling it looks great- see @_lizrich’s look on Instagram here). Then put on your cat ears headband, and take a long, thick strand of hair from next to the left cat ear. Wind the strand around the ear so that it covers the actual headband, and secure it in place with a hair clip. Once you’ve done the same with the right ear, spray in place with hairspray, and you’re good to go. Just don’t forget that you’ve basically welded your cat ears to your head once it comes to taking them off at the end of the night.

3.       The spider braids

This one is a great look for kids (although of course you can do it on yourself too!). Unless you’re really good at doing things through a mirror, you’re going to need to enlist the help of a willing friend to help you with the braids. As well as that, you’ll need some spider bobbles/rings- again, there are plenty on the Internet, and they’re all pretty cheap. Here’s a video tutorial to look at first off, so the instructions below make more sense.

First of all, part your hair neatly down the middle, splitting it into two. Take the left side and tie it in a high bobble, using a spider bobble, of course, on the left side of the head. Take the right side and tie it in a high bobble on the right side of the head. Next, make another bobble a few inches below the top left bobble, using the left bunch of hair. Now here’s where things get interesting: take a small strand of hair from your top right bobble, and plait it diagonally down towards your second left bobble. You can attach it with a hair clip or another bobble. You can then make your second bobble down on the right hand side, and follow the plait along, securing it in place once again. Repeat this once more, so you have three bobbles on each side, with a plait criss-crossing between the bobbles.

Laura Shallcross